´Love Me Tender’

Is there passion in death? One has enough faith and passion to believe the unknown is a reality. We may be creative. –Guillaume Airiaud

Guillaume Airiaud’s imagery unites an analytic approach, such as technical perspective, with an aesthetic of ornamentation and iconography. This combination creates an original game in which the fictional and mystical aspects of art are foregrounded.
His work is characterized by the use of traditional arts and crafts (embroidery, marquetry, goldsmithery, among others) in installations, sculptures, collages and design for fashion accessories.

For his show Love Me Tender at Rise, Guillaume Airiaud is presenting hand-screen-printed images on banners and on a large curtain both adorned with embroideries of pearls and ribbons, a wooden folding screen, a series of posters and a limited edition book with silk-screen prints.
The exhibition is dominated by Guillaume Airiaud’s logo printed as a red, black, grey and yellow three-dimentional drawing of two frames enclosing a corridor. The logo suggests an imaginative space that is open for exploration and works as a strong background to a big heart which is the focus of the exhibition, inspiring the title Love me Tender. As a commonly represented icon, the heart hints at the fictive nature of the concept of love and the arbitrariness in the definition and depiction of human passions. The banners and the posters introduce the theme of death in a similar light. Death is not the symbol of a beginning or an end, but rather a conceptual space that enables endless possibility for similar, contrasting or opposite meanings. In such a space everything is conceivable (in an ever-changing fiction). Indeed, the two mummified couples,”I used to love you forever I & II”, are ironically depicted as expressing their passions beyond life, reminding us that seemingly contradicting ideas can be conceptually linked to one another for their very nature of fertile containers of creative imagination and mystical belief.

Text by Alessio Perticari.

1- poster of the exhibition

2,3 - installion views

4 to 7 - "Columns". 300 x 41 x 41 cm. Hand screen printed textile, embroideries, wood, spray paint -stone-.

8 to 12 - «Love». 250 x 290 cm. Hand screen printed textile, embroideries. (work in progress).