Born in 1983, lives and works in Berlin.


Artist’s assistant (2008-2013): Kirstine Roepstorff

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Nantes (ERBAN). France 2006.
Bachelor of History of Art. Freie Universitaet Berlin. 2008


2013 november. "Disposition". Group show. Curated by Henri Van Melle & Aude Cartier. Maison Des Arts De Malakoff. Malakoff (Fr).
2013 september. "Mundane things become fabulous when touched by the end of a genius". Group show. Curated by Marta Czyz. Galerie Kordegarde. Warsaw (Pl)
2012 december. "Universal love". Group show directed by Salon der Alchemisten.
Chalet club. Berlin (De)
2012 september. "A Lapse Of Absence". Group show curated by Valérie Leray. Glogauair. Berlin (De)
2011 December. «The Face of Jesus in my Soup». Group show. Rise Gallery. Berlin (De).
2011 november. "Nobody who is on the road", group show. Skalitzer 140, berlin (De).
2011 october. "Love Me Tender", solo show. Rise gallery, berlin (De)
2011 march. “The things we are”, group show. Skalitzer140, berlin (De).
2011 February.”Le dégoût du temple”, group show. Curated by Evor.
Gallery Le temple du goût, Nantes (Fr).
2011 January. ”Sample”, group show. Curated by Judith Wiedenhöft & Julia Wielgus.
Galerienhaus lindenstrasse 35. Berlin (De).
2010 June. “ Thriller “. Group show. Curated by Xavier Mazzarol & Eric Stephany.
Xavier Mazzarol’s studio. Berlin (De)
2010 May - June. “ Epic “. Solo show. Arial Project. Berlin (De)
2010 April. “ Studio 54 & Guests “. The forgotten Bar. Berlin (De)
2010 March - April. “ Hapiness machine “. Group show. Rise Galerie. Berlin (De)
2010 January. “ Tape Modern N°13 “. Group show. In cooporation with Heidestrasse Galleries and Halle am Wasser openings. Tape. Berlin (De)
2009 December. “ Cabinet “. Group show. Gallery 33. Berlin (De)
2009 November. “ Un animal devra mourir“. stagement design, Masks .
A performance introducing Giuseppe Virgone’s new collection. RA13. Antwerpen (Be)
2009 October. TURN ON. Artivistic 2009. Group show. Invited by the collective “ Dyke Ryvers “.
Festival TURN ON. Artivistic 2009. Montreal (Canada).
2009 June. Studio 54 open doors. Group show, work in progress. Studio 54. Berlin (De)
2009 April. #2 Paris. Group show. Aqua carre Kantine. Berlin (De)
2009 February. Surrender Dorothy. Participation to a Carte blanche given to Philippe Comtesse.
Wirr Warr. Berlin (De)
2008 May. Luxury is a game. Group show. Invited by Moc Sztuki Foundation,
Curator: Marta Czyz. Jadlodajnia Filozoficznia, Warsaw (Pl)
2007 February. Le goût du Temple. Group show. Curated by Evor. Promoted by the City of Nantes. GalleryLe Temple du Goût, Nantes (Fr)
2006 October. Welcome home. Group show. Gallery Ipso Facto, Nantes. (Fr)
2006 February. Fifty Box. Performance Based on a proposition of the artist Nicolas Floc’h.
Musee Jean Lurcat, Anger; Musee des Beaux-Arts, Nantes. (Fr)
2004 October. Beau Trait Fatal. Group show. Ecole Regionale des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (Fr)
2004 March. Sans Domicile Fictif. Group show. Gallery le Rayon Vert, Nantes (Fr)


Modern painters. " 24 ARTISTS TO WATCH". Issue dec. 2012.
Super 5. Magazine SuperSuper, special issue. June 2008
Revue “ 303. Art Recherche & Creation “. Issue 85, (Pic.p.16.)


Disposition. Catalogue of the exhibition. Maison des Arts de Malakoff. december 2013
A Lapse of Absence. Catalogue of the exhibition. La mire and Glogauair. october 2013


AJAR Projekt. Foundator of the association. “ Anonymous-Journey- in Art-Research “.
2008 Berlin (De).

Weissfakor; raum für zeitgenossische kunst. Member of the organisation.
2009. Berlin (De)